2D Animations

First, we start with an idea. This can come from a client or be something we come up with ourselves. Once we have an idea, we sketch out the concept and create a storyboard to map out the animation. Next, we design the characters and backgrounds using software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. These designs are then imported into our animation software, such as After Effects or Blender. Using the software, we create the frames for the animation and bring the characters to life by adding movement and dialogue. We also add any necessary sound effects and music to enhance the overall experience. Finally, we review and revise the animation to ensure it meets the desired standards and expectations. And that's it! With careful planning and attention to detail, we bring our 2D animations to life. Thank you for choosing us to bring your ideas to the screen.

Client: Various Clients Services: Animation, Backgrounds, Voice Over, Sound Effects, Post Production

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